About Us


    Nitro Wheel, Inc. was formed by the owners of Nitro Manufacturing, LLC, a precision machining and manufacturing company headquartered in Western NY.  Nitro Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing for industries such as aerospace, commercial valves and pumps, medical and many other companies that require the most precision manufactured components.  We took this expertise and are applying it to the field of harness racing.  All of our wheels and components are manufactured and assembled in our shop using the same equipment, machinists and designers to make the Nitro Wheel the best and most advanced wheel in the industry.  We don’t “outsource” our work or rely on the lowest bidder to manufacture our product.  We use the very best material and  latest in equipment to make sure that your Nitro Wheel performs to your satisfaction.  We also manufacture all of our replacement parts to assure quality and reliability. 

    We are committed to producing the best products on the market for harness racing and we are constantly seeking feedback from the drivers who use our products to make sure that we are always improving.  As the owner of a set of Nitro Wheels we look forward to your comments and suggestions and you can look forward to us being the most innovative company in racing.


Billing Address: 4440 Shirley Road
North Collins, New York 14111
(716) 337-0709


Our mission is “quality machining when you need it"